The 1969 Sidney High School 50th Class Reunion

~ Saturday, September 14, 2019 at the Sidney American Legion ~

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037. 16 September 2019 - Vicki Hicks - - I think this years reunion was the best yet. Very simple but really neat. Thanks to all who did so much to make this happen.

036. 16 September 2019 - Alice Jones Alexander - - Thanks to all who had anything to do with making our 50th Class Reunion a fun and memorable one. Great seeing everyone that came far and near and the entertainment was fantastic.

035. 20 August 2019 - Bruce Baker - - So EXCITED to see so many people attending the REUNION. PUT ON YOUR DANCING SHOES It's just a few weeks away, and it will be here before we know it. EACH one of US should reach out and invite someone to come that is not on the LIST. Sometimes it just takes a little push to get people to turn out.  Especially those  who have never attended before, they might be intimidated to show up after all these years. It's easy as can be, and a good time will be had by all.  REMEMBERING who's who is the only challenge.   I am reaching out to a few people today to see if I can get them there.  HOPE you will do the the same. Last reunion I was one (of only a handful of the people) who had no grandchildren. Well, since then I have joined the ranks of grandfather (AKA PauPau). Little Finley Marie is two and a half now. She will be joined by a sister ‪on Dec 2nd. It was a long time coming, but I finally made it to Grandfather statics before I cashed in my chips.   

034. 18 August 2019 - Michele (Shelley) Lott - - I’m looking forward to seeing all of my fellow classmates in a few weeks. It is going to be a wonderful weekend celebration!

033. 19 May 2019 - Joyce Shipman Thoma - - I have not been on our class website for a long time and Rick this is fantastic what you have created!! I love our mascot how he winks and flaps his wings!!!! The information given is so helpful! I hope everyone makes it to the 50th Reunion to gather, have fun, and share memories and make new ones! Love ya.

032. 17 May 2019 - Bruce Baker - - Yes, I do think this class reunion will be the best ever! Such a milestone for all of us who are still vertical. I do hope that this special year we will get some of our classmates who are near Sidney but never come to attend this year. Special thank you to all the committee who makes this event possible. You know who you are but its worth giving you a shout out. David Fogt, Rick Holly, Shelley Lott, Krista Sprague, Dianne Clayton, Kathy Downen, Linda Musngug, Melody Fogt, Jackie Berger, and Joyce Shipman. I know you all work very hard, and I for one really appreciate it. We have kept the spirit of "69" Alive thanks in large part to you all! So many people I know have totally lost track of their high school classmates. WE are lucky to have such a bond! NOW we just have to recognize and remember each other when we see each other 50 years later. Can you believe it? 50 YEARS! And JOE W. and Wayne I. you better be there!

031. 07 FEBRUARY 2019 - Rick Holly - - Would you like to help us make our 50th reunion the best reunion ever, but you don't live in Sidney or the surrounding area? Why not make a donation to the silent auction? Click here to see what our classmates have donated for our 50th reunion. Click here to contact us about your donation. Check the donation box and tell us about your donation. Thanks.

030. 28 FEBRUARY 2016 - Joyce Shipman Thoma - - Loved your pictures on and off the ship! Thanks for sharing! Your Sidney t-shirts were super! Great idea! When I taught Kindergarten and we went to the Columbus Zoo for a fieldtrip, we had the children wear bright yellow t-shirts to help keep track of them, so no one would wander off......I am glad you all made it back home! Ha! Love ya.

029. 03 JULY 2015 - Rick Holly - - I am sorry to say I removed the Sidney High School Forum. There was little to no interest in it. We gave it the old high school try!

028. 07 MAY 2014 - Rick Holly - - I am so HAPPY Sidney Schools' finally passed their levy! Hurray!

027. 07 MAY 2014 - Rick Holly - - I decided I will go ahead and build the Sidney High School forum. I got the idea when David posted message #20 and Vicki posted message #24.  It will be a great place to share memory threads of growing up in Sidney and attending Sidney Schools. I am a little nervous allowing anyone to register on Sidney High School Forum. I don't want someone who is currently attending Sidney Schools or just graduated from Sidney High School to register and post bad threads about his teachers, coaches, Sidney Schools, and life in Sidney. People will be able to read all posts/threads on Sidney High School Forum, but only the registered users will be able to start new threads, post, add pictures and videos, add polls (that will be really cool for determining your favorite restaurant), etc. Give me some time to build it. It will be a work in progress.

026. 06 MAY 2014 - Rick Holly - - If there is interest and a willingness to participate in a forum, I would be willing to embed a forum on our website to access threads to discuss anything and everything about us growing up in Sidney. So, if there are at least twenty (20) people that say yes to this idea on our message board, I will build it. A forum would be a great way to communicate with our classmates. Would we leave the forum open to others to register who attended Sidney High School over the years or just allow classmates from 1969 to join? If you like the idea, post yes here and spread the word to as many classmates as you can. Maybe Bev can do a mass emailing to all of our classmates? Bev, would you? Would you tell them if they like the idea to post a message here on the message board? Stand by...

025. 06 MAY 2014 - Rick Holly - - For those of you who went to Central Elementary, would you agree it was the "Paddling Capital of Sidney"? How did Mr. Hill and Mr. Riddle have time to teach? They were too busy laying the lumber to britches in the 60s! They were both Korean veterans, and they did not mess around!

024. 06 MAY 2014 - Vicki Ferree Hicks - - For those of you who went to Lowell Elementary, do you remember a guy named Arnold in our 4th grade class? He was a little on the hefty side, and he wrote really big. I just can't remember his last name. I think he moved away after that???

023. 05 MAY 2014 - Bev Davies - - Cassano's is great, especially since it brings back memories from days gone by.  But you can't beat Al's Pizza.  It's across the street from where Frisches used to be.  They have WONDERFUL pizza!  

022. 04 MAY 2014 - Rick Holly - - I like Cassano's Pizza. I can still remember sharing a Cassano's pizza and a pitch of beer with Mark Hill and Bruce Moon. (I think it was Bruce Moon?)

021. 04 MAY 2014 - Jenny Wells Fiden - - Gilardi's Pizza made it big from its humble beginnings in Sidney. It's my understanding that they provide pizza at many several major league ballparks. MaMa Rosa’s finds its roots as Gilardi Pizza, founded in 1979 by Mike Gilardi in Sidney, Ohio. The business grew through its ability to provide customers with a high quality product at a good value to customers. Through the years, growth and expansion continued in both physical capacity as well as innovative product offerings.
Today, MaMa Rosa’s is a best-in-class meal solution provider, specializing in fresh and frozen pizza, as well as appetizers. We are the country’s No. 1 selling refrigerated pizza brand. We sell millions of cases of multiple-size pizzas for convenient family meals and mini snack consumption annually. MaMa Rosa’s distributes to more than 15,000 supermarkets, warehouse club stores, foodservice, vending, military, institutional, pharmacies and convenience stores throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. In addition, we manufacture and market refrigerated pizza products under our Old Italian brand names; and also co-pack for several of the largest frozen food companies in the United States. Our Virga foodservice division specializes in frozen dough balls and crusts.

020. 04 MAY 2014 - David Geise - - Who makes the best pizza in Sidney? I noticed Gilardi's is no longer in business.

019. 15 APR 2014 - Donald Watren - - I've heard from Dave Geise, coming to the reunion. Still trying to get away, hopefully can make it.

018. 03 MAR 2014 - Mary (Moore) Kuhlman - - Hello to all! What a wonderful way to get back in touch with all of you! I have never been to any of our class reunions, but definitely look forward to this one. See you there!

017. 02 FEB 2014 - Gloria Harrison - - Rick, you have done a great job on our website.  Bev has taken it upon herself to get the information received together. Keith, Jenny, and Pam have gotten so much info to put together this reunion. This group is one of the better committees I've worked with. LET'S KEEP IT GOING.

016. 14 OCT 2013 - Donald Watren - - Thanks Rick for the great web page! Hope I can make it to the reunion! Haven't been back to Sidney since the last reunion, only to Columbus for OSU games! Hope everyone is well.

015. 14 OCT 2013 - Jenny Wells Fiden - - Loved the band video. You guys were way ahead of the times and am sure you missed your calling!

014. 14 OCT 2013 - Patricia Harris Laurenzo - - Love the videos, y'all  are doing a great job!  Can't wait to see everyone on June 21st!

013. 08 JUL 2013 - Polly Griffis Boone - - The TV is awesome, but I don't see Grammies in your futures! Love you all.

012. 23 JUN 2013 - Peggy Snodgrass Tester - - It has been so many years, but I am looking forward to this class reunion. I have talked to some on Facebook and looking forward to meet up with everyone.

011. 21 JUN 2013 - Candi Williams - - Great idea for communicating to as many people as possible. Wouldn't it be nice if we could double the attendance - we usually get about 60 classmates out of about 270 students. The website is must be having fun thinking of things to add all the time. See you there.

010. 10 JUN 2013 - Marsha Kastner Falkenau - - Thank you Rick for the great technical work... also to the committee. It's fun to see all the messages and good wishes. We have come a long way with more to come in the future. Keep up the great work. 

009. 10 JUN 2013 - Donna Stewart Battista - - They can call us old, but they can not call us "out dated"! Thanks for continuing to demonstrate the exceptional talents and hearts of the class of 1969. Your gracious time is so very much appreciated. Looking forward to our annual 5 year touch!

008. 10 JUN 2013 - Donald Watren - - Thanks Rick for a wonderful video, hope you do more. I hope I can make it back to Sidney next year. My best to all. If any of you get down to south Florida, look me up.

007. 03 JUN 2013 - Lynn Dubois (Linda Bray) - - Still a talented group we have. Thanks for the website and look forward to seeing all again in 2014.

006. 03 JUN 2013 - Joyce Shipman Thoma - - Rick, super job with the website. This is so great to have! Also, great job to the 2014 committee. It sounds like a nice time coming up! Everyone take care! Love ya.

005. 03 JUN 2013 - Bruce Baker - - Rick, Thanks for the GREAT JOB on the Class of 69 Reunion website. I am already looking forward to seeing you all and hopefully no more of us will be on "the TABLE!!!!!" Thanks so much. I know this was a lot of work.

004. 03 JUN 2013 - Bev Davies - - Thanks to Rick Holly for building this website for us!

003. 31 MAY 2013 - Polly Griffis Boone - - This is a great idea another kudos to our committee. Excited to see you all. I will not be tall or thin but promise to hug as many of you as I can and know that I treasure all of you, <3.

002. 30 MAY 2013 - Michele (Shelley) Lott - - What a neat idea! Looking forward to seeing everyone next year. Let's have a great turnout!

001. 23 MAY 2013 - Rick Holly - - Hello, Classmates! Welcome to the SHS Class of 1969 Message BUZZ Board. We hope to see you at our next reunion!

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